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Are you struggling with balancing the demands of your career, romantic relationship, and family? Is your daily life leaving you thinking/feeling empty, stressed, highly emotional, or burned out? Have you been having difficulty managing your health and happiness? If so, then Integrative Counseling and Psychological Services (ICPS) is the perfect solution for you! ICPS is a whole health therapy practice aimed at improving women and girls’ wellness.

Integrative Counseling and Psychological Services LLC provides counseling, supervision, and therapy in-office and online. 

 Now accepting clients who are residents of Georgia and Michigan. 

Atlanta, GA and surrounding area clients can be seen in-office!

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To schedule an individual therapy appointment online click here: Client Portal

To schedule any appointment by phone call: (616) 528-0338.

To schedule a group therapy appointment email: DrNicole@icpshealth.com  

My practice provides a holistic and integrative approach to address your mental (emotional, psychological, social), physical, and spiritual health.