Dr. Nicole Ware Spencer
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Do you find it difficult to go to a job you once loved? Are you finding it challenging to show compassion for the people you serve? Have you wanted to take the leap and engage in therapy, like you have recommended for many of your clients, but can’t find the time? If so, then Integrative Counseling and Psychological Services (ICPS) is the perfect solution for you! ICPS is aimed at reducing compassion fatigue, preventing burnout, and addressing moral injury among health care professionals.

Integrative Counseling and Psychological Services LLC provides counseling, supervision, and therapy in-office and online using a secure video connection. 

 Now accepting clients who are residents of Colorado, Georgia, and Michigan. 

Georgia clients can be seen in-office starting June 3, 2019!


To schedule an appointment online click here: Client Portal

To schedule an appointment by phone call (616) 528-0338.


My practice provides a holistic and integrative approach to address your mental (emotional, psychological, social), physical, and spiritual health.