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The therapeutic relationship brings change.

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I will ensure that you feel comfortable and safe. I will work with you to understand your concerns and goals for an improved quality of life. Our work together is collaborative. 

Private Pay Fees:

  • 45 minutes: $100

I am an out-of-network provider. This means that services are provided at private pay rates. An invoice will be provided for all appointments and you may try to use this for reimbursement from your insurer if applicable.

Some of the benefits of self pay are:

  • Client privacy

  • Increased therapy appointment availability

  • Alternative treatment modalities

  • No mandatory diagnosis

  • Higher quality of service (personalized services)

Have any questions?
Call my office at (616) 528-0338

Scheduling can be done over the phone or online. Sessions can be done in-office or online. All online sessions are conducted via a secure video connection.

To schedule an individual therapy appointment online, click here: Client Portal

To schedule a group therapy appointment email: